Press Inquiries

Word Horde is always happy to provide review copies of our titles to those who regularly review books for newspapers, magazines, journals, and other print or online venues.

To request a review copy of a title, please email your request to publicity [at] wordhorde [dot] com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Preferred eBook format for review copy
  • Complete shipping address (if you do not accept eBook review copies)
  • Title of the book you would like to review
  • The name and web site of the the periodical or blog where the review will appear
  • Links to previous reviews by you

Media Downloads

Sell Sheet: The Children of Old Leech | 1.56MB PDF |
Hi-Res Cover Image: The Children of Old Leech | 3.18MB JPG |

Press Release: We Leave Together | 86KB PDF | HTML |
Sell Sheet: We Leave Together | 1.14MB PDF |
Hi-Res Cover Image: We Leave Together | 3.25MB JPG |

Press Release: Tales of Jack the Ripper | 108KB PDF | HTML |
Sell Sheet: Tales of Jack the Ripper | 657KB PDF |
Hi-Res Cover Image: Tales of Jack the Ripper | 2.12MB JPG |