New Beginnings

Word HordeFor five years I worked as the managing editor for a well-regarded small-press genre publisher. While editing scores of novels and a critically acclaimed anthology series, I realized I was most at home surrounded by the words and ideas that only the best storytellers can create.

Times change. The economy ebbs and flows. Publishers come and go.

In late 2012, I found myself at a crossroads.

I knew that I wanted to keep making amazing books. I wanted to keep making the kinds of books I would want on my own shelves. And I knew the right people to help me do it. So I decided to create my own company.

Word Horde is that company.

Word Horde was founded on the the idea that great stories should be given every opportunity to find the right audience. That when you work with the most talented creators available, you cannot help but create great art.

Why follow the herd? Join the Horde!

Ross E. Lockhart
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief