The Raven’s Table: Viking Stories

The Raven’s Table: Viking Stories
Genres: Collections, Fantasy, Horror
Tag: Vikings
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 306 pp
ISBN: 9781939905277

The Raven's Table was reissued in 2021 with a fantastic new cover to coordinate with the release of Christine Morgan's new collection of Viking tales, The Wolf's Feast.

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About the Book


The furious clangor of battle. The harrowing singing of steel. The desperate cries of wounded animals. The gasps of bleeding, dying men. The slow, deep breathing of terrible things–trolls, giants, draugr–waiting in the darkness. The wolf’s wind howling, stalking like death itself. The carrion-crows, avaricious and impatient, circling the battle-ground, the Raven’s Table.


The skald’s voice, low, canting, weaving tales of fate and heroism, battle and revelry. Of gods and monsters, and of the women and men that stand against them. Of stormy Scandinavian skies and settlements upon strange continents. Of mead-hall victories, funeral pyres, dragon-prowed ships, and gold-laden tombs. Of Ragnarok. Of Valhalla.

For a decade, author Christine Morgan’s Viking stories have delighted readers and critics alike, standing apart from the anthologies they appeared in. Now, Word Horde brings you The Raven’s Table, the first-ever collection of Christine Morgan’s Vikings, from “The Barrow-Maid” to “Aerkheim’s Horror” and beyond. These tales of adventure, fantasy, and horror will rouse your inner Viking.

Cover Art by Peter Nicolai Arbo
Cover Design by Scott R Jones

Pub Date: February 28, 2017

Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-939905-27-7

Format: eBook
ISBN-13: 978-1-939905-28-4

Table of Contents

The Barrow-Maid
Thyf’s Tale
The Fate-Spinners
The Vulgarity of Giants
In the Forests of the Far Land
Njord’s Daughter
A Feast of Meat and Mead
Nails of the Dead
Sven Bloodhair
The Mottled Bear
To Fetter the Fenris-Wolf
At Ragnarok, the Goddesses
With Honey Dripping
Aerkheim’s Horror
The Shield-Wall
The Seven Ravens
As We Drown and Die
Brynja’s Beacon

About the Author

CHRISTINE MORGAN grew up in the hot, sunny desert, and moved north to get away from it as soon as she could. Her degree in psychology has served her well, particularly in helping her to land a night-shift residential counseling gig, which allows her some writing time in the wee small hours. Twice married and twice divorced, she now lives with a roomie and a bunch of cats, and has a grown daughter of whom she’s eternally proud. Her lifelong loves of language, history, mythology, and horror all intersect best in the Viking age. An avid reader and reviewer and crazy craft/cookie lady as well, she’s currently delighting in adding her own little touch of weirdness to the Portland writing community.


“These works have the sure, solid feel of a talented author deeply engaged with her source material and genre. They’re an excellent read for those who enjoy myths and legends of all kinds.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“…stories that will make you want to don your helm, sword and shield before riding off into battle.” —The Grim Reader

The Raven’s Table finds the horror at the heart of Viking culture. The stories scare you silly and creep you at the same time that they shed real light on life in the medieval North. Want to know what it really felt like to live in the Viking age? Read this book!” –Professor Michael D. C. Drout, Wheaton College

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