Upcoming Word Horde Releases

Great stuff coming from your favorite indie publisher of weird fiction!

August 2024: DRILL, Scott R. Jones
Magical mailman kills God in this novel of cosmic horror/occult ritual from Scott R. Jones, the author of Stonefish.

September 2024: Around Eldritch Corners, Christine Morgan
Christine Morgan’s Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian cosmic horror come to life in this arcane volume. With tales ranging from the humorous to the horrific, Around Eldritch Corners would be sure to make H. P. Lovecraft shudder.

October 2024: Glowing in the Dark: Collected Writings on the Horror Film 2011-2023, Orrin Grey
A nonfiction collection of more than a decade of Orrin Grey’s best writing on film, including reviews and essays. Titles considered under Grey’s microscope include The Andromeda Strain, The Mad Magician, and The Dunwich Horror.

Stay tuned for cover reveals, preorder announcements, and more coming soon!